Our mission is to create connections between people and places through the thoughtful and meaningful integration of art with architectural design and the built environment.



Art not only elevates the built environment, it is also a powerful tool for engagement, identity, cultural strengthening, and user wellbeing. At Aartplace we believe that key to the success of a well-designed space, building, or urban environment is the cross-pollination of ideas among all creative professionals involved in its conception. Progressive organizations around the world are realizing and leveraging the potential of art as a strategic tool in support of their vision and initiatives.


Anabella Alfonzo founded Aartplace in 2021. Her 17-plus years of multidisciplinary experience is rooted in her architecture background and informed by her understanding of contemporary art. She has collaborated with a range of professional clients and colleagues – architects, developers, interior and graphic designers, brand specialists, and artists – and has led the curation and delivery of large-scale art programs and collections for clients across North America and Europe.  


We are a highly capable, multidisciplinary team that expands and contracts according to our project’s needs. We are supported by exceptional professionals in the fields of art curation, design, architecture, urban planning, engineering, community engagement, indigenous relations, among other disciplines. Collectively, we offer a unique combination of cultural understanding, technical know-how, curatorial excellence, and collaborative approach to deliver outstanding art consulting services for projects in private and public places.